YouInHerit interview – Máté Iváncsics

14 February 2019

Máté Iváncsics participated in the YouInHerit Wine Tourism Assistant Training in Budafok, Hungary. Let's hear his "YouInHerit" story. 

Máté Iváncsics

You participated in the Wine Tourism Assistant Training at the Soós Istvan Wine Making Secondary School as part of the Interreg YouInHerit program. Where did you meet with the training?

One of my friend sent it to me via e-mail. 

Why did you decide to apply for the training? 

In addition to my university studies I am constantly looking for opportunities to expand and enhance my knowledge. It is important for me to gain insight into as many areas of life as possible. 

What kind of knowledge did the training give you, what was the best thing about it?

During the training a learnt a lot useful and new thing. I enjoyed the most the lessons about winemaking and wine tasting/wine criticism. 

Máté Iváncsics

What was it like to be a part of the project?

I am happy that I got a chance to be a part of the project. I met many new people while I expanded my knowledge. 

What is the impact of the training for your future? Did you got a chance to utilize it, or do you have any plans for your new knowledge?

I think that my future opportunities have expanded and I become more competitive in the labor market. Since the end of the training, during the summer I did wine tasting event at a wine cellar on the weekend. In addition to that my knowledge is useful in everyday conversations.