The winners of the the idea contest in Budafok-Teteny are known

October 2018

The applications for the idea contest in Budafok-Teteny were submitted between 5th of July and 5th of October in 2018. The candidates were European Union citizens in the age range between 18 and 35 years. The received applications were evaluated by a professional jury on 8-11th of October, and the five highest rated candidates were invited to the award ceremony, which was held on 19th of October at the Art Quarter Budapest. 

At the event, all invited applicants had to present their submitted applications material which was judged on the spot by the jury. The jury evaluated each of the performances and announced the winners. At the event were present stakeholders, students, representatives of the local media and other public.

idea contest budafok

The winners are:

First place: Máté Benkő and Anita Jakus. They developed  nearly 50 different ideas from events to marketing strategies, branded souvenirs and other ideas that could help the district to be more familiar not just for the tourists, but for the locals as well. The basis of their marketing strategy is to design and organise solutions that are based on broad spectrum and community, both for young people and others.

idea contest budafok

Second place: Renáta Becsei, Eszter Fentősi and Zsófia Frang. Their vision is to revitalize a fresh and vibrant district that works both as a network of community spaces and as a showcase for local grape and wine-producing heritage. Each of the proposals builds on the existing capabilities of the district. The basis for the project elements:local-tradition-community.  

Third place: Vivien Iglódi and Dóra Szommer. The applicants prepared a situation analysis of the current state of Budafok-Tétény and its wine-growing reputation. Based on the results obtained and the conclusions of the analysis in the field, new communication options were sought. A new marketing strategy has been built that presents the district's wine and tourism opportunities. Various promotional and image designs were made.

Special award (evaluated by two students who attended the wine making assistant course): Katalin Tapody-Németh. The idea of the applicant is mainly based on the experiences and the city's image enhancement. It has developed program and communication plans according to target groups, and have a look at the current revision of the district's programs. In addition, she has presented short-term and long-term returns and ideas.

idea contest budafok