Regione del Veneto participated
the event organized by UNESCO Giovani Italia (UNESCO Youth section)

16th May 2017

Regione del Veneto participated on 16 May 2017 the event organized by UNESCO Giovani Italia (UNESCO Youth section), and presented You In Herit project (Interreg Central Europe). Event is organized by UNESCOGiovani in cooperation with Google in the Arsenale of Venice and the subject is: “THE TRANSMISSION OF KNOWLEDGE AMONG YOUNG CRAFTSMAN, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION”.
The happening on 16 May 2017 aimed to convey the idea of the “Grand Tour” of Goethe through digital systems in order to make it accessible and accessible to everyone, free of charge, wherever and at any moment, the wonders of the cultural of some Italian cities. Inside the "Grand Tour of Italy" project, Unesco Giovani and Google have been an active part in the of the Digital Exhibitions (also on traditional boats, shipyards) on Venice and its UNESCO World Heritage Lagoon. 
In that occasion Nadia Giaretta was talking about You In Herit project and about the actions linked to the traditional arts and crafts as cultural heritage in Veneto and tourism, including the goals of the project. The targeted public were young students and young people.