Project acronym: YouInHerit

Project title: Youth involvement in the innovative valorisation and revival of traditional trades and crafts as cultural heritage to make urban regions more attractive and competitive in a dynamic age   

Culture is one of Europe’s great hopes. The jobs that it generates cannot, as a rule, be relocated — they require a range of rare talents, and it is often the young people who display them.

Reviving old trades and crafts can keep together communities and make them sustainable by contributing to their economic wellbeing: old wine cellars in Hungary, salt pans or floating mills in Slovenia, breweries in Poland, old boats of Italy or olive groves in Croatia are essential for local attractiveness and could be better exploited as a source of living for people.

Regions of Central Europe recovering from structural changes are confident that development models based on local cultural and economic assets necessitate smart valorisation schemes and an innovative approach of stakeholders. Involving creative and innovative young minds in redesigning local heritage is needed to help adapt to new demands and market expectations.

YouInHerit has empowered coordinating organisations responsible for valorisation strategies and related policies via adequate support and capacities. The multifaceted benefits of the project have enhanced local potentials of cultural heritage and human creativity.

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