Limited mobility options are frequently mentioned as a reason why young people choose to leave their native rural area and migrate to larger cities or even beyond. This intensifies demographic change, which troubles many rural areas in central Europe. A number of tools such as shared mobility and demand-oriented flexible collective transport services have emerged across Europe but only few have been introduced in the rural areas of central Europe.

The YOUMOBIL project aims at enhancing the passenger transport system for young people that live in rural areas and at improving their access to the European and national transport networks. 

The YOUMOBIL partners network with local youth in rural areas to pilot demand-driven novel service features, to exploit potentials of transport management through interfaces for mobile devices, and to explore how youth initiatives can revitalise disused rail infrastructure to enhance the attractiveness and image of public transport.

Five technology-driven pilots will demonstrate the use of modern ICT solutions for a smart youth-oriented transport in rural areas. One investment will in addition showcase the role of young people to revitalise rail infrastructure. 

More information will follow soon.