XVIII World Festival of Polish Folklore Bands Living Abroad 

As usual, it was huge event and fantastic time.  Now, we may safety say, that it was a huge event. Many institutions and residents of our area were working to make it perfect. What are we talking about? Of course, about WORLD FESTIVAL OF POLISH FOLKLORE BANDS LIVING ABROAD. This year, it was 18-th edition as well as 50th anniversary of that amazing event that took place on 17-25 July, 2019 in Rzeszow, Poland.


The whole event began with colorful musical procession on the Lubomirskich and 3rd May Street, down to the Main Square, where the fantastic concert and fair took place.


Who's that? That is Halinka Mlynkova, who was the star of the beginning. She gave fantastic concert at the stage on the Main Square. She's a Polish singer that comes from Zaolzie. From year 1998 to 2003, sie was the vocalist of the Band - Brathanki (their most famoust song must be seen here). When she was in High School, she was the member of the Song and Dance Ensemble - OLZA. In years 1995-1997, she was the host of the Highlander's Festival in Jabłonkowo. Because of her experience with folk music, she suited perfectly to the event's subject.


The Festival was attented by 34 folk bands from the whole world. Among them, we may mention:

  • the Song and Dance Ensemble "LAJKONIK", abd "SYRENKA" - Polish folklore bands - both from Australia;
  • Polish Folklore Bands "KAROLINKA", "MAZURY", and the Song and Dance Ensemble "WISŁA" - all of them from Brasil;
  • the Song and Dance Ensembles - "OLZA" and "SUSZANIE", as well as Regional Band "BŁĘDOWIE" - from Czech republic;
  • the Song and Dance Ensemble "CRACOVIA", Dance Ensemble "SPK ISKRY", and the Polish Song and Dance Ensemble "POLANIE" - from Canada;
  • the polish Dance Ensemble "POLACY BUDŻAKA" from Moldavia;
  • the Polish Song and Dance Ensemble "MARYSIEŃKA" from Germany;
  • Folklore Band of Polish Songs and Dances "KORALE", from Russia;
  • "KWIATY POLSKIE" and "PIASTOWIE" - Polish folklore bands from Sweden;
  • the Song and Dance Ensemble "POLANIE ZNAD DUNAJU", from Ukraine;
  • Song and Dance Ensembles - "ORLĘTA", "KAROLINKA", "POLESIE", "POLONEZ MANCHESTER" from United Kingdom;
  • mixed team from the whole world "MIODULA".


As usual, the biggest number of Polish Teams came from USA and there, we may include:

  • "DOLINA" - the Song and Dance Ensemble from Minneapolis;
  • the Song and Dance Ensemble "LAJKONIK" from Chicago,
  • Folklore Band "LAJKONIK" from Tucson,
  • the Song and Dance Ensemble "OJCZYZNA" from Baltimore;
  • Polish Dance Ensemble "PIAST" from Las Vegas;
  • the Folklore Band "POLANIE" from Detroit;
  • the Polish Song and Dance Ensemble "POLONIA ZPRKA" from Chicago,
  • the Folklore Dance Ensemble "RODACY" from Hamtramck,
  • the Dance Ensemble "SYRENA" from Millwaukee;
  • the Ensemble of Polish Folk Dances "WESOŁY LUD ZPRKA" from Chicago,
  • the Song and Dance Ensemble "WICI" from Chicago.


All of these teams were performing many shows in the city and villages nearby. The biggest event durimng these days, was the show titled "Until we are alive". During that show, all teams had their time to present their art. They presented folk songs and dances of all regions of Poland. We were really proud and happy when we saw performance of dances from our region. At the end of the concert, all attendands sang the song titled "Marsz, marsz Polonia" that is called to be "the Hymn of Poles Living Abroad".


It was amazing !


Thank you countrymen from the whole world for such amazing job !


We're proud of you!

P.S. The whole concert was transmitted live and may be seen here.