Artificial Intelligence and Chronic disease management

Trento, 29th June 2018

Mattone Internazionale Salute Programe– ProMIS, has organised a workshop in Trento entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Chronic disease management", attended by a hundred participants in both days.

The event gathered together not only local and national representatives of Italy but also representatives of the European Institutions, tackling the issues related to this important topic both at European and national level.

Trento Workshop Promis

The first day was devoted to the presentation of politics and strategies at the European and the Italian level together with the presentation of best practices at European level. In this framework, Oscar Mayora introduced the Digital Life for Central Europe project as an example of the exchange of best practices and research for novel solutions in the field of digital integrated healthcare systems within the Central Europe area.

The presentations on the

Trento Workshop Promis II

second day addressed the core issues related to the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, such as economic, security, empowerment of patients, privacy, etc.

For more information and streaming of the main interventions, you can visit Trentino Salute 4.0 YouTube channel.

by Sara Testa