Workshop "RTO ready for upgrade" in Weiz, Austria

Organised on 25 July in Weiz by Joanneum Research Institute Material in Weiz, Austria
Potentials and challenges of follower RTO" on 25th May 2018 at Joanneum Research Institute Material
Weiz (Austria). Main target for the workshop was to win follower Research & Technology Organisations (RTOs) for KETGATE

  • To detect potentials and challenges of follower RTOs
  • Explore the previous expertise and offer to SMEs
  • To detect related gaps/qualification and other needs.
  • To inform (motivate) RTOs about KETGATE and the benefits for RTOs
  • To get feedback from the follower RTOs about the services developed by KETGATE for RTOs
  • To show technology services of invited RTOs
  • To compare technology services of invited RTOs with three RTO project partners (JR, BZN, JSI)
  • To find out complementarities among RTOs
  • To find out synergies among RTOs
  • To find our cooperation possibilities amongst RTOs (projects)
  • To give examples of cooperation’s between RTOs (projects)
  • Assessment for services for SMEs to give a better service for SMEs
  • Invite participants to Study Visit 3 in Hungary