Workshop On The Spot; preparatory actions at Nature Park Medvednica, Croatia.

At the Forum meeting held on July 2nd and 3rd Public Institution representatives and all relevant stakeholders of Nature Park Medvednica discussed challenges that this pilot area faces during winter ski season in order to define their Action Plan.

Within the framework of the implementation of the project CEETO - Central Europe EcoTourism: Tools for nature protection, the Federparchi consultant Giacomo Munegato, responsible for the implementation of the Action plan of pilot areas, spent two days at Nature Park Medvednica.

Visit at Medvednica NP

Visit at Nature Park Medvednica - Photo by Nature Park Medvednica

On Monday, 2 July 2018, there was a field trip to the pilot area of Nature Park Medvednica – a ski resort, roads and parking lots, where main traffic problems occur during ski season. On the second day of the visit, a stakeholders meeting from Nature Park Medvednica was held in Bistra County. The meeting gathered all relevant stakeholders considering the implementation of the Action plan: Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, Zagreb Electric Tram, Sljeme Ski Resort, Croatian Ski Association, Sljeme Ski Club, Ministry of the Interior – Zagreb police department, Zagreb Holding – Vladimir Nazor subsidiary, Tomislavov dom, the City of Zagreb – City Office for Physical Planning, WWF Adria – a biodiversity association. The project and pilot area were introduced at the meeting. A workshop was also conducted, with participants split into three groups where they gave their contribution to issue-solving by specific suggestions for practices and activities.

Meeting at Medvednica NP

Discussion moment during the meeting at Nature Park Medvednica - Photo by Nature Park Medvednica

According to all information gathered, the consultant shall give a proposition of the Action Plan of Nature Park Medvednica pilot area within the framework of technical and financial capacities of the project implementation.