Work package T3: Pilot case studies and evaluation of energy efficiency measures

WP tests and evaluates the innovative approach and the complete toolkit (2 Apps and database) which will be the basis for designing energy renovation plans in schools. 3 pilots will be developed, one for each school infrastructure characterized by different energy profiles according to intended use: classrooms, sports halls and canteens. They will be performed horizontally in 6 countries (It, Pl, Si, Hr, Hu, Cz) using a common protocol. Each pilot will involve at least 8 school infrastructures per region, meaning 48 for each pilot. A common work methodology will be defined. Technical partners will do tech-work, while Institutional partners being owners of the school buildings, will identify schools involving stakeholders and supporting the process. GEA, not performing pilots, will be involved in the expert team. The pilots will be focused on the 3 school infrastructures which follow a standard procedure although different issues will be faced: data collection, on site energy audits, improvement options, optimal financing schemes, carbon footprint, open lessons for behavioural change of school staff and students, improvement and validation of the Apps. Lead Partner and Project Partner 3 will purchase equipments to speed up and optimize audit procedures. The evaluation of the pilot actions will be done through transnational visits to the sites and a peer review of the transnational expert team. The pilots will be followed by related schools renovation plans (consisting of technical improvements and related economic feasibility) drawn up in collaboration with local municipality technical departments. The plans will help accessing ERDF funds that several EU Regions deliver to Local Authorities for buildings that have already developed technical and economically viable renovation plans. A final report on improvement measures of the validated Apps will also be provided.