Integration of biodiversity
conservation and sustainable
development in the Carpathian

This work package points at facilitating knowledge and experience exchange of Carpathian protected area managers and experts for joint development of innovative approaches to integrated environmental management, and effective solutions to common territorial

Within the work package, local task force groups will be established, local action plans and strategies will be developed and put to the test, workshops, meetings and trainings will be organised and completion reports and recommendations will evaluate the feasibility of the strategic tools.

Three thematic transnational Task Forces (TTTF) will be established, each tasked with the joint development of strategic policy support documents and tools, which will be tested though pilot actions in the next phase of project implementation. The involvement of protected area experts from all Carpathian countries will enable capitalisation on the exchange of information, experience, and best practices available in particular country. Moreover, these transnational expert groups will enhance networking on a European scale. 

Policy support documents and tools jointly elaborated in this work package will be submitted for endorsement by the Carpathian Convention, which would facilitate their uptake to the policy level, follow-up activities, and the institutional and political sustainability of project outputs and results in a long-term perspective.

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17-18th June 2019, Banská Bystrica, SK
TTTF Meeting on enhancing biodiversity and landscape conservation 

The work package, delivering the Strategy on biodiversity conservation outside and inside protected areas, and strategy for local
sustainable tourism development based on natural heritage of the Carpathians, as well as guidelines and training on communication with local communities will facilitate the integration of biodiversity conservation and sustainable local socio-economic development, and improve environmental management capacities of the public sector entities responsible for the protection and sustainable use of natural heritage (in particular PAs administrations). Innovative tools developed under this work package will be disseminated in the Carpathians and other mountain regions of the Central Europe and will be publicly available online.

In the pilot phase of the work package, three activities will be organised: pilot implementation of the strategy for enhancing biodiversity conservation in Hungary and Poland, pilot implementation of the Strategy for local sustainable tourism development in Poland and Slovakia, and last but not least a training on effective communication between protected areas and local communities in Poland.