T1 Capitalization: Capacity Building and Stakeholder Engagement
   T1.1 Peer review of land use and water management practices
   T1.2 Review of best management practices for drinking water supply issues
   T1.3 Identification of strategies and measures to be integrated into existing policy guidelines

T2 Pilots: Implementation and Feedback
   T2.1 Set-up of pilot-specific management practices
   T2.2 Implementation of best practices for water protection in pilot actions
   T2.3 Outlining of lessons learnt and resulting recommendations

T3 Synopsis: Vision and Guidance
   T3.1 Development of measures and funding systems for supporting ecosystem services
   T3.2 Development of transnational adaptation plan for integrated land use management
   T3.3 Elaboration of recommendations for institutional and organisational structures

T4 Advancement: Strategic Positioning and Commitment
   T4.1 Creating synergies for integrated land use and flood/drought management
   T4.2 Organisation of transnational events for representatives of operational and decision making level
   T4.3 DriFLU Charta and relevant follow-up activities