Work Package 1:
Transnational Framework for Green Infrastructure Assessment

This transnational framework identifies the specific informational needs regarding green infrastructure at the European, regional and local level and how adopting green infrastructure management approaches support European, territorial and local policies and objectives. The project partners investigate theoretical approaches of green infrastructure assessment towards their success in practical application (state of art) and analyse best-practice examples. Transnational cooperation in the definition of types of green infrastructure assessment will ensure it meets the informational needs of the partner countries.

The transnational framework also identifies the green infrastructure resource at the transnational scale. The partnership and its associated partners develop a remote-sensing methodology for transnational assessment of green infrastructure and ground-truth the methodology in selected case study areas across the partnership. The re-integration of experiences and empirical findings delivers iterative improvement, ensuring validity and that territorially specific needs are recognised in the development process of the transnational assessment methodology. Project partners use the free-of-cost European Copernicus-Sentinel programme for earth observation data collection as well low-cost very high resolution imagery.


Handbook of Conceptual and Theoretical Background for Green Infrastructure Assessment, Terms and Definitions
The handbook illustrates the fundamentals of green infrastructure covering issues such as green infrastructure and its relationship to territorial law/policies and EU regulations and programmes. It will cover the territorial needs for a green infrastructure approach and its contribution to sustainable development and how it can address specific territorial and common challenges.

Manual of Transnational Green Infrastructure Assessment Decision-Support Tool
The manual provides guidance in assessing the structure and types of green infrastructure at the transnational level, aiding decision-making at regional level in terms of understanding land-use and the existing green infrastructure resource. It demonstrates the methods used and the results of the individual case study ground-truthing and how these results are used to develop the assessment methodology. It is the first stop for institutions needing to carry out green infrastructure at the regional scale.

Regional Maps of Green Infrastructure for each of the participating regions
The maps illustrate the types and structure of green infrastructure at the regional level and where applicable in cross-border landscapes. They will be freely available to all stakeholders and will form the basis for regional green infrastructure intervention and plan/policy development.

Work Package Duration: 07/2017-12/2018
Coordination: Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development, Marco Neubert