Webinar #3: How do I capture and communicate impact?

How do I capture and communicate impact? Breaking down the impact value chain by learning from successful Social Innovation initiatives
Date: 27. Mar. 12.30-13.30 CET

Measuring (social) impact has never been easy. That’s why we invited a special guest from the Social Finance Academy to help sort all of your doubts out. Maxime Cheng is an expert in impact measurement and management and during the webinar she will reveal us the secrets of a well-done Theory of Change, providing some hands-on tips on the matter. During the webinar we will focus on one of the biggest challenges of Impact measurement, namely the difference between Output and Outcome, with the help with some real Social Innovation initiatives as examples.  On this occasion, we would like to tailor the webinar to your interests, so please help us by answering the following question in this poll.

These are some of the key points we will discuss:

  • What tools should you use for measuring the impact of your social innovation?
  • What is the difference between output and outcome?
  • Social innovation examples chosen based on the poll

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We recommend you make yourself familiar with Module 5 of our Social Innovation Academy before you take part in the webinar.

About Social Finance Academy

Social Finance Academy (SFA) is the language school where social entrepreneurs, impact investors and philanthropic & public funders learn to speak the same language. SFA provides both on-site trainings and online courses on the topic of social finance, blended finance and impact measurement & management. The first online course “Access to Impact Investment for Social Enterprise” is available on the website for free.  

About the speaker

Maxime Cheng is the programme manager of Social Finance Academy. She curates both online and on-site educational experience for social entrepreneurs, accelerators, investors and donors, so that they learn to speak the same language when it comes to the topic of social finance, investment readiness and impact measurement and management. Maxime obtained her Master of Public Policy from Hertie School of Governance, specializing in impact measurement. Prior to joining Roots of Impact, she built an impact measurement and evaluation database at Impact Hub and advised mission-driven organizations and policy makers on the subject.