We know the winner!

In September-October we collected 14 applications from 7 countries in the „Be Social, Be Maker“ competition for scaling the Social Innovation Academy, and evaluated them along the following award criteria: innovativeness, output(s), outcome, impact, sustainability, and scalability. The winner of the competition is the I4I: Inspire for Innovation project of the Forum Regional Development Centre in Slovakia. They will gain consulting hours in each of the seven modules of the Academy and a €5,000 service contract from Democenter Foundation, our Lead Partner.

Congratulations to the successful Solution and we’re looking forward to seeing the outputs and results of it!

The Social(i)Makers project aims to improve social innovation capacities in Central Europe. In 2018, the project partnership developed an online and onsite training program on social innovations, the Social Innovation Academy. In 2019, graduates of the Academy could test their newly acquired knowledge and skills in pilot projects. For example, through applying with their Solutions to the S(i)M Challenge published on www.skyrocketplatform.eu

Through the “Be Social, Be Maker” Challenge, we aimed to promote the development of educational initiatives in Central Europe that will grow the next generation of social innovators. The proposed educational Solutions were expected to use the Toolbox developed in the Academy, to exploit, stretch, and adapt them in all the possible educational directions. The educational solutions submitted had to target young people (15-23 y.o.) located in one or more countries of Central Europe.