WP2: The Online Energy Platform - OnePlace

The Online Energy Platform - OnePlace aims to enhance public authorities and energy end-users knowledge in energy efficiency and sustainable entrepreneurship. The platform is intended to be used by public authorities, energy end-users and consists of 4 different modules:

  • The Living Energy Marketplace: an online database helping energy end-users to make an energy-wise purchase of electronic devices and connecting them to experts in the field of architecture, engineering, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources etc;
  • A 3D Energy Management System: this webGIS system can navigate a map of an urban environment, select a 3D building of interest and retrieve the energy audit and other cadastral/building information. The 3D Energy Management System aims to harmonize the different data sources in one database and visualize them on the OnePlace platform. The participating cities will test and validate the system in their pilot areas, that are presented on the online viewer.

    The 3D EMS

    The 3D Energy Management System

  • Energy Efficient Cities: a module enabling the exchange of experience and good practices between cities for public authorities, municipalities and other public actors;
  • Financing Energy Efficiency: an attractive visual presentation of the transnational strategy outcomes (financial road map), examples of best practices and practical steps to use the national and EU-level resources. Project BOOSTEE-CE also tries to capture and present the methods of financing energy efficiency investments that will be transferred to the participating regions’ Energy Efficiency Roadmaps. The module will assist local authorities and public bodies at their engagement in financing energy efficiency by presenting the methods of financing energy efficiency investments and transferring them into the Energy Efficiency Roadmaps of the participating regions.

Basically the platform offers and presents all BOOSTEE-CE results on an easy-to-use and compelling platform. The building of the platform was preceded by mapping the existing similar platforms and questionnaire-based research to be able to improve upon prior websites.

The works on the OnePlace platform had started in this WP and the platform itself is used in O.T3.1, i.e. the pilot actions with regards to the 3D Energy Management System module. WPT2 is running in close cooperation with WPT1 (3D building modeling) and WPT4 where the financial road map is being developed. Within the WPT2 trainings on “OnePlace” for public authorities were organized. The slides presented at both events are now available for use in the national iterations of the trainings and we advise to everybody who is interested to take a look or even to re-use the presentation. A video was also made to promote the platform, which can be found here:


The partnership has achieved the following results so far:

The aim of this deliverable is to define system architecture, visual and technical design and contents of the project platform based on the analysis of the previous and ongoing projects similar to BOOSTEE-CE and a questionnaire designed with the aim to define he actual needs of project partners and stakeholders.
D.T2.1.1: Architecture design for the Transnational Online Energy Platform - OnePlace - report
The platformOnePlace platform
The Training Package contains all the presentation from both the Bled and the Warsaw International Train the Trainers events.D.T2.3.1 - Training Material