Workplace Mobility Plan for Municipality of Baden (Austria)

Baden (Austria), 28. February 2019

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We already presented you the Workplace Mobility Plans (WMP) for Budapest University of Tehnology and Economics from Hungary, Municipality of Ljutomer from Slovenia, City of Leipzig from Germany and City of Modena from Italy. Presented WMPs were for big cities and university and for comparison the WMP for Municipality of Ljutomer. In this news we will present you the WMP for Municipality of Baden, which is medium-sized municipality. 

Here is the summary from Workplace Mobility Plan for Municipality of Baden: 

The Workplace Mobility Plan (WMP) Baden is the result of a process which included the confirmation of mission and commitment, creating a mobility team, analysing the local situation and developing mobility measures, which will be implemented or at least be started within the next year. The municipality of Baden has eleven different working places for its employees. Almost one hundred employees were invited to take part in the mobility survey, of which 66 also responded.

In a first step the WMP document, gives an overview of the structures of the municipality, like the settlement structure and the infrastructure for mobility at the different working places. In a further step local and regional infrastructure was analysed in relation to outcomes of the mobility survey. For example regional and transregional public transport connectivity and costs, Park&Ride facilities, local and regional bicycle lanes and E-Car-Sharing opportunities were some of the examined facilities. As more than half of the employees in Baden commute from other municipalities, many analyses had been carried out on the local level, on the regional level (considering municipalities like Bad Vöslau, Pfaffstätten, Berndorf, etc.) and also for commuters from Vienna.

The WMP points out, that a radius of two kilometres covers the area of Baden and parts of the neighbouring municipalities of Sooß, Pfaffstätten and Tribuswinkel. Baden has the highest share of walking (48%) and cycling (32%) in distances between 0 and 2 kilometres. But still more than 50 percent of the employees use their private cars for their ways to work. The private car is mostly used for middle distances, 89 percent on 5 to 10 kilometres, which makes a lack of adequate sustainable mobility modes visible. The share of Public Transport increases significantly on longer travel distances like to Vienna, which already has well-developed railway connections to Baden.

One big challenge in the elaboration of the WMP was the fact that Baden has eleven different working place locations, with just as much different structural conditions and circumstances.

The city hall, for example, is in walking distance to Baden’s main transport hub with many bus line stations and the public and local railway station, while other working place locations are only connected with local bus lines. Another discussion point during the workshop was the difference in working conditions between employees with mainly sedentary activities and physically hard working staff.

Due to these challenges 16 mobility measures have been developed taking into account the different needs at the various working places. The measures were developed in cooperation with the head of the staff committee, the director of public construction authority and the head of the energy department Mr Koch. In order to reduce CO²-emissions on short and middle travel distances, improvements in cycle facilities like providing cargo bikes for public use, roofed bicycle parking areas and cost free bicycle service are planned. In addition to that information events and cycling and walking contests are part of the action plan. For longer distances Baden focusses on shared E-Mobility and is going to buy E-Cars for their transport fleet and ensures discounted use of E-Car-Sharing for employees for official journeys. The measures of the Action Plan were committed by the mayor Mr Szirucsek and deputy mayor Mrs Krismer.

Workplace Mobility Plan for Municipality of Baden you can find here