Virus erased our calendar

22nd March is the World Water Day, a highlighted date in the City Water Circles project. 

All the partners had brilliant and creative plans for this day: events in schools, meetings with the beneficiary groups of the pilot investments, open days in sewage works, creative board game parties to learn more about water circle... But the unexpected situation of the new pandemic caused by the COVID-19 erased our calendar. 


Sad, but all live events are postponed and at this moment we can't say new dates.  

What we recommend instead of the cancelled events?

  • Look into the Digital Learning Resources and learn about grey water or water efficiency.  
  • Wash your hands as thoroughly as Gloria Gaynor, in this video, but do not waste the water like she does. :)
  • And think of your local water and sewage works with gratitude, without their work behind the scenes we wouldn't have water to wash our hands.
    wash hands