Visual Heritage Congress 2018 in Vienna

Vienna City Hall, 12.-14. November 2018

In mid of November about 500 international experts of cultural and archaeological heritage management, 3D heritage digitization and visualization get together and present different projects, new techniques and approaches. The congress was a joint project of two annual conferences - the CHNT (Cultural Heritage and New Technologies) and EUROGRAPHICS (with their workshops on graphics and cultural heritage), hostet by the archaeological department of the City of Vienna.

Christoph Lobinger (LfA)

The VirtualArch was also presented on this event. First, Christoph Lobinger from the lead partner (Archaeological Heritage of Saxony) talked in the general session "Visual Experience of the Past – Multiple ways to visualize Cultural Heritage for the General Public" about the structure, aims and strategies of the project in general. The confidence level of our works was explained by Jiri Unger (Archaeological Institute Prague) with his lecture in the session "Images of the past – challenges of computer generated image-based representation of cultural heritage". In another session Gabriel Wurzer (TU Vienna) presented the audience the transnational VirtualArch Mobile pplication framework based on a ZIP file.

Jiri Unger (ARUP)

The Congress was accompagnied by an impressive visual heritage expo as well as two post-conferences, one of them in Bratislava. Here Matej Ruttkay (Archaeological Institute Nitra) presented the 3D archaeology  at the  Archaeological Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

For more information about the congress klick here.