Next activities for the virtual reconstruction in 3D of medieval mining on the Monte Calisio

After data gathering and digitization and GPS surveys carried out by a hired archaeological company in the areas of Dos del Cuz and Slacche near Civezzano (the toponym derived from the german word Schlacke meaning metal processing waste) the Soprintendenza per i beni culturali in cooperation with the Ecomuseo Argentario launch now new visualisation activities focusing virtual reconstruction in 3D of interiors and external shape of some mines on the Sentiero delle canope (mines path) and on Dos del Cuz on Monte Calisio/Argentario.

Survey and 3D reconstruction of mining entrance

Survey and 3D reconstruction of mining entrance (image: SAP srl)

Together with digital terrain models and the survey results the new virtual data will result in a compexe geographical incorporate in a new geographical information system connecting underground and surface features. These informations will be visualized using a mobile phone app and videos (renderings) located in totem(s) and online. The mobile app will allow VR/AR effect in order to see the hidden interiors but digitized in 3D which are not accessible to the public.

New activities in Civezzano

Press article about VirtualArch activities, published in L´Adige, 17 July