Virtual Square

A Virtual Square is an internet platform that is established within the LinkedIn, aiming at facilitating cooperation within cross-sectoral stakeholders groups.

A stakeholder is a person, group of persons or representative of an institution being interested in the DEEPWATER-CE thematic and obtained results.

It is a place where discussions will be held on the theme of the project, its results, especially regarding the main priority of the project:

  • development of a transnational assessment methodology for decision–making on Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) locations in Central Europe
  • development of policy recommendations and national action plans regarding adoption of MAR into the river basin plans and water strategies.

Discussions in LinkedIn groups take place in the form of thematic posts and their comments.

However, upon the needs of stakeholders, we also plan to conduct other forms of online discussions as part of webinars, online meetings using i.e. Hangout, Zoom etc., and also real meetings with live broadcasts on YouTube channel.

We have created two types of platforms in LinkedIn:

(1) The National Virtual Squares (NVS) – a 5 separate LinkedIn groups as a national platforms  for each PPs country in national language: Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Germany (as a exception in English). In order to facilitate communication in the partner countries and to discuss issues of national area.

(2) Transnational Virtual Square (TNVS) – additional LinkedIn group as an international platform in English. To discuss the issue with a wider audience, in a broader context, with an international group.

Cooperation with stakeholders via national and transnational virtual squares facilitates:
•        to identify their expectations and needs from the project
•        to provide thematic expertise to the project
•        to assist with the implementation of project activities
•        to take part in designing and finalizing draft project outputs and deliverables, primarily on a regional and national level (e.g. country reports, training material, pilot feasibility study)
•        to participate in project events such as thematic workshops, virtual meetings and forums, thematic round-tables, national training sessions, and capacity building activities.

Information on when and how to participate in the discussions will appear on this website under the slogan “CURRENT DISSCUSIONS” and in our social media.