Video documentation of Hungarian Vernaculaire Architecture

The Hill Sheperd Circle in Oszkó has been working to rescue wine cellars near the settlementfor several decades. The result of many years of work is the creation of a knowledgeable professional team alongside the beautiful cellars on the hill. The association has established partnerships with other organizations working to save traditional architecture. In 2017, the Central Directorate of the Hungarian Country Houses was established. The cooperation plays an important role in the transfer and preservation of folk architectural knowledge.


The big goal for the next few years for the organizers is to build a "Traditional Architectural Documentation Library" as they would like to pass on and retain all the know-how to the future generations.

The document library will be a comprehensive collection of the traditional architectural knowledge. Organizers would like to record folk architecture with video footages. Even in the field of ethnography, it is of paramount importance to preserve the ancient knowledge still available today. After all, the 24-hour theory is true this case, as well, and as long as there is the opportunity to reach the last representatives of the crafts and pass on their knowledge to youths, they want to do so.

They are collecting money for:

  • hiring experst;
  • video recording;
  • video editing;
  • publishing a document library, creating a website;
  • developing curriculum.

The campaign may be found here.