Video-interview to Enzo Valbonesi

Enzo Valbonesi, Head of the Emilia-Romagna region - Protected Areas, Forestry and Mountains Development Department, speaks about sustainable tourism management and his expectations about CEETO project.

Last June 2017, CEETO project celebrated its Kick-off meeting in the Emilia-Romagna Region administration headquarters in Bologna, Italy. The meeting was presented by Enzo Valbonesi, Head of the Protected Areas, Forestry and Mountains Development Department of this administration, and we took the opportunity to speak with him regarding their expectations about CEETO project and the importance of sustainable tourism management for the parks and local communities in the region.

Mr. Valbonesi transmitted the enthusiasm of this region for being part of this project as Lead Partner, the opportunities it will bring to exchange experiences with other partners in an interregional context and the possibility to deepen into a topic considered of high interest.

On the other hand, Mr. Valbonesi highlighted the role that sustainable tourism can have as a source of economic revenue, and therefore a way to improve the working and living conditions of the communities that reside inside or close to protected areas. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of developing appropiate tourism management models in order to safeguard nature conservation, especially in the more sensitive areas, and the need of raising awareness among the tourism sector on this topic.

Enzo Valbonesi video-interview

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