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The Veneto Region, aware of the inestimable value of the historical heritage, artistic, cultural and linguistic one, has been committed for a long time, acknowledging it also in its own statute, to ensure the protection and enhancement of this heritage and to spread its knowledge in world; think of the contributions made to cultural enterprises within the framework of European structural funds or to the interventions aimed at the introduction of collective brands dedicated to the protection of typical local productions, of a significant example of which is the "Murano artistic glass" brand.
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The "ARTISTIC" project, therefore, fits perfectly into the efforts made by the Region of Veneto in order to strengthen the value expressed by the cultural heritage and recognized to it. In particular, with this initiative the Region intended, first of all, to focus on the reality represented from crafts and from its different territorial, traditional and artistic expressions; has been provided develop a "ready ‐ to ‐ use ‐ tool", identified in the regional law n. 34 of 8 October 2018 “Norms for the protection, development and promotion of Venetian craftsmanship ", able, on the one hand, to promote the role social and cultural impact of craft businesses and, on the other, to recognize their nature as a component important part of the regional economy. The law includes a set of policies aimed at development business, access to credit, research, technological and organizational development, training and promotion of artisan productions. The rules on recognition are also of particular interest of artistic craftsmanship, typical and traditional and historical craftsmanship, as well as the introduction of the figure of the "master craftsman" and the concept of "school workshop", a place dedicated to guaranteeing the transmission of knowledge and ancient crafts and the training of young artisans. The regulatory instrument represented by the regional law n. 34/2018, then joins other activities, such as the study of "crowdfunding" as a resource capable of allowing the growth of projects in the cultural sector and encourage networking with international initiatives. All this makes the project "ARTISTIC" an initiative important in order to achieve a key objective, which is to strengthen the role of intangible cultural heritage, not only as an expression of our traditions, of our history, of the our identity and our culture, but also as a self-sustainable economic resource capable of expand opportunities for participation in the economic and productive organization of the Veneto region.
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In particular, through tenders financed with the same resources in order to promote actions favoring private-equity financial engineering instruments (revolving funds, subsidized loans, minority and temporary equity investments, interest subsidies), it offers support to Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and cooperatives, favoring access to credit and strengthening capital and reorganization and strengthening of business processes. Calls for proposals and financial engineering tools are activated through European, national and regional resources.

The same Management implements and also takes care, finances, participates and promotes several European projects. With reference to the craft sector, the Regional Law of 08 October 2018, n. 34 which defines the methods for setting up the craft business and the forms of protection.

The Veneto Region also protects and promotes some artisan realities through the ownership of the following registered trademarks: "Trademark of the Artistic Glass of Murano", "Furniture of the Plain of Verona", "Typical and traditional wooden boats of the Venetian Lagoon", " Pietra di Vicenza "," Forno di Qualità "," Fango DOC - Thermae Abano Montegrotto - Veneto Region ".
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In the ARTISTIC project The Veneto Region is represented by two partners: