Daniele Sblattero

Piazzale Europa 1 :: 34100 Trieste :: Italy

Department of Life Sciences

University of Trieste is a well-established university with world leading research and teaching institution. The is project is managed by the Department of Life Sciences (DLS) that is involved in the main missions of Research, dissemination, and teaching, in the areas of life sciences and psychology. The Department is currently home to 90 staff member and about 200 non-permanent staff members.

 The activities of the Department span from Biomedicine to Environmental biology. Research is carried out at all levels of complexity from molecules, to cells, tissues and organisms, to their interaction with the environment, and finally to the study of brain mind and behaviour.

 The DLSas a long story of high level scientific activity in the field of Celiac Disease. During the last 15 years it has contributed directly to the development of diagnostic tests for CD, already available in the market.