transnATional vernETZt: INNOVATION!

Austrian National Contact Point offered its own format for cross-programme networking of the project promoters in the transnational networks of the partner countries and EU-wide programmes in which, together with strategic actors from the EU projects, activities and strategies related to the innovation priority in the transnational programmes are communicated. This annual event was held at 30 November 2017 in Vienna, Austria.

The audience consisted of public bodies (Austrian ministry, Austrian Spatial planning conference), state governments as well as private institutions ranging from private companies to civil societies.

The goal of the event was compact analysis of current projects and cross-programme analyses, networking of the Austrian actors, identification of contributions to ongoing research projects, strategic processes, elaboration of the benefit of Interreg projects in the priority Innovation as well as discussion of potential for future activities and projects.

Mr. Dobler (FHV) represented URBAN INNO at the event and was able to present the project ideas in two parallel workshops concerning innovation, citizen/user involvement, and social innovation. The presentations were intended to identify similar initiatives and potential for collaboration, especially regarding measures for outreach, events, and use of tools.

transnATional vernETZt: INNOVATION!

transnATional vernETZt: INNOVATION! Die Priorität Innovation in den transnationalen und EU‐weiten Programmen