VAS COUNTY PILOT: I4.0 is advancing in Hungary supported by Am-LAB

Am-LAB is a subsidiary of PBN operating since November 2017. and is acknowledged as an official Digital Innovation HUB that is eager to find Industry 4.0 based smart solutions to help end-users’ life. Am-LAB possesses a really strong tool to implement itself to our rapidly improving, digitized world nowadays and the region where it is operating, this is the Vas County region in Hungary.

It is an often repeated phrase that you cannot invent anything new already. However, this phrase got confuted many times and also not only the creation of unique products is the purpose that Am-LAB set for itself, but to find easier, faster and more economical ways to produce given products, like a special fireproof component in smaller amount or so. This technology offers many various chances to create something new and useful, but the organization needs to know the opinion and ideas of the the end-user types like citizens, companies, students, public sector and that is where URBAN INNO helps a lot.

With applying the techniques gathered by URBAN INNO team about how to involve end-users successfully to development processes, Am-LAB will really be able to do a lot for the local community and later for even bigger areas!

PBN is eager to find the right answers to nowadays challenges like the lack of labour force, out-of-date manufacturing technologies and the general restructuring of the digital industries that happen right in front of us.

The team of the Hungarian quadruple-helix network established in the frame of URBAN INNO really believes that the answer for these problems to solve could be the Industry 4.0 programme. It possesses all the tools that could help the Vas County region to accommodate to the aforementioned changes and the implementation of I4.0 is already started by PBN and Am-LAB.

The following areas are already covered by the Science Centre (Am-LAB) and that is just the beginning:

  • Additive manufacturing related activities were the basics to support custom manufacturing, like:
    • 3D scanning,
    • 3D modelling,
    • 3D printing;
  • A HoloLens device is also available now to test it and possibly further improve its technology,
  • AMR technology (Autonomous Mobile Robot) involved too,
  • A robotic arm is also part of the devices that Am-LAB colleagues intend to further develop and for example to support employees with hand disability.

However, the team of the centre - which is rewarded with the ‘Digital Innovation HUB’ title - is not only interested in the development area, but they are gathering as much useful knowledge in the area as possible to redistribute it to local key players, interested citizens and to the pupil community.

Mentoring sessions are about to be starting for small and medium sized companies with high potential to grow and training sessions are permanently held for students in order to make them prepared to our rapidly changing digital world with its challenges. The main aim is that once when they will enter to the labour market they should not think that they are facing challenges, but they have all the opportunities supported with this knowledge to create something bigger!

If you got interested about this dynamic organization, please visit Am-LABS website.

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