URBAN INNO at SOLEZ partnership meeting

The meeting for SOLEZ project (Smart Solutions supporting Low Emission Zones and other low-carbon mobility policies in EU cities) was held on 12th-14th March 2018 in Sárvár, Hungary.

The event, organised by Pannon Business Network Organization, was generally a partner meeting of the SOLEZ project with its project partner representatives from 8 cities of Europe.

The SOLEZ project and its partners are intending to find innovative solutions in order to reduce harmful emissions with working on low carbon mobility solutions at different extents, to enhance their strategies and develop smart services and products around the concept of low emission zones (LEZ) in functional urban areas (FUAs).

Ms. Renáta Csabai, the project coordinator of PBN, presented PBNs relevant projects to the partnership, including URBAN INNO. The participants were introduced with new impressions and aspects in the topics of smart and innovative solutions that could contribute to build up of a useful strategy for achieving a better and more modern infrastructure in today’s big cities.

Besides SOLEZ partners, other participants were local media from Sárvár and Vas County and representatives of the regional and local administration. The participants were discussing about the relevant pilots being realized in the frame of URBAN INNO.

The meeting was relevant for the URBAN INNO consortium because the partners could see how the pilot projects are implemented in a project whose main focus is smart city development.

URBAN INNO presented to the SOLEZ partnership

URBAN INNO presented to the SOLEZ partnership

PBN representative during URBAN INNO presentation

PBN representative, Mr. Martin Dan, during URBAN INNO presentation