Trento Smart City Week 2016

Trento Smart City Week 2016 is  an event dedicated to the citizens who want know and try the services and smart initiatives, innovative, easy and intelligent,
developed within the Trento Smart City initiative.
Another target audience of the event were policy makers and those working in the PA with a conference where they had the opportunity to compare successful and less successful experiences and learn about the state of art in terms of research, innovation, enterprises and startups for Smart City.
In parallel to the public conference, there were the International Conference ISC2 2016 “Improving the quality of life citizens” with academic section dedicated to the scientific community.

The presentation about Urban INNO, was about a Smart City example where were evident some failure about the involvement of the citizens and about the needs of the citizens. The presentation in that way discussed how to increase / develop the use of the Smart City services, how to improve the connection of the actors within the systems urban innovation, how to develop new methods and tools to involve end users in the innovation process.

Starting from a “not-so-good” example of a famous smart city experiment in SongDo (Korea), the presentation was directed to drive citizen to these questions, that are intended to answer inside the EU project URBAN INNO.

The presentation concluded with a Call for Action for the citizen, to propose activities for the Urban INNO Trentino Pilot, where there will be a tentative to answer to these questions, developed by interacting innovatively with citizens of Trento, focusing on some themes of interest for the urban ecosystem (social, cultural, government)