Trento Smart City Week 2018: project achievements shared with new audiences

The 2nd Trento Smart City Week 2018 was organized in April 12th-15th 2018 in Trento.  The organizers - the City of Trento, Autonomous province of Trento, Consortium of Municipalities of Trentino, local stakeholders and sponsors, presented interesting experiences, passionate testimonies, challenging visions of the future and a chance to learn about and touch smart services and initiatives at smart citizens service. This was a great opportunity to to take a discussion on recent participatory event Opendata Hackabot Trentino 2018, co-organized by URBAN INNO in March 2018, as a way to develop interesting and innovative ideas of Public Administration (PA) digital services.

Alessandro Celli (Informatica Trentina) represented URBAN INNO project in the panel, and together with other partners involved in Hackabot answered questions posted by the moderators. Some of the Hackabot participants’ works has been also showcased at the Province of Trento booth during the days of the event.

URBAN INNO Trento Pilot Action Manager Marco Combetto (Informatica Trentina) conducted the interview with Mr. Andrea Robol (Assessore Cultura of City of Trento) with the focus on citizens’ experience and associations’ involvement in the process of proposals and ideas collection. This participation will contribute to the development of ‘Cultural Entrepreneurship Incubator’ in the Trento’s ex UniTN-Humanistic Faculty, as part of the local pilot action of the URBAN INNO project.

Within Trento Smart City Week 2018 URBAN INNO team disseminated the results of the pilot action in Trento, in particular to the general public audience, not involved directly in the Trento project activities. The event was also an opportunity to networking and present the innovation produced by the participatory events, and potential to adopt such methods again in the future.

Panel discussion at TSMCW 2018

Alessandro Celli (Informatica Trentina), Cristiana Pretto (Provincia autonoma di Trento), Damiano Donati (ODHackabot 2018 winner), and Dario Betti (GPI spa)

Santa Chiara Trento Pilot panel

Marco Combetto (Informatica Trentina) and Andrea Robol (Assessore Cultura Comune di Trento)