URBAN INNO at Rijeka Start-up Incubator’s Demo Day 2017

The 8th generation of Rijeka’s Incubator start-upers will present their projects at Demo Day 2017, on 13 December, in Rijeka, Croatia. The program includes several other topics linked with local start-up community, such as ‘What after Start-up Incubator?’ and presentation of Startup Europe Awards Croatia. Within the program, mr.sc. Damir Medved, representative of PP Erickson Nikola Tesla d.d., will present the URBAN INNO project, local pilot and results of recently held world café workshop with students, start-upers and younger citizens.

Rijeka pilot project is dedicated to creating of Citizen Collaboration Platform (CCP), a digital interactive system by which citizen will have the opportunity to participate in decision making process regarding utilization of public infrastructure and City of Rijeka-owned spaces. World café workshop with one of the pilot target groups – young citizens, revealed interesting inputs and proposals that shall be taken into account in CCP development.

More info: Start up Incubator Rijeka