On June 19th 2018, first outcomes of URBAN INNO project will be presented within the Bled eConference framework. This year’s conference topic is ‘Digital Transformation – Meeting the Challenges’ and aims at establishing a creative environment for researchers, government, industry/business representatives and technology providers. The presentation will focus on the usefulness and applicability of participatory methods as tools for supporting innovation processes in Digital Innovation Hubs.

The main objective of many Digital Innovation Hubs is to maximize the innovation potential of SMEs. In URBAN INNO project participatory methods and tools are applied to develop innovative solutions in close cooperation with end-users, which is a promising approach also for Digital Innovation Hubs. In the presentation, Ms. Tamara Högler, Head of Innovations and International Affairs at CyberForum, will present lessons learned and provide the answers following questions:

  • What are participatory solutions and why are they important?
  • Are participatory solutions an appropriate tool for boosting the innovation potential of SMEs?
  • How can be end-users involved to make innovative solutions operational and commercially viable?
  • What are the biggest challenges in getting end-users involved in the innovation process?
  • How can EU-funded projects like URBAN INNO support such approaches and what are the benefits for Digital Innovation Hubs and SMEs?

More info: Bled eConference official site