Two-days training in Szombathely, Hungary 

On 20-21 June 2019, a two-days training was held in Szombathely, Hungary, in order to boost the competence of the staff responsible for supporting local cultural operators to improve the quality of ICH-based initiatives in the region.


The focus of the training relied on the four topics previously researched during the development of ARTISTIC Toolset, including:

  1. Tool for the identification of local ICH initiatives;
  2. Tool for the elaboration of plan for IPR protection of ICH projects;
  3. Tool to foster financing methods;
  4. Tool for the improvement of communication skills;
  5. 2

An overall introduction to the Entribu system has been held to demonstrate the usage of the Toolkit, as well as prior to the event a survey was sent out to the potential participants about the most useful topics that can be used for supporting local cultural operators in generating high-quality projects – another aspect was to choose those topics they are lacking knowledge in.


Based on the answers, the chosen topics were related to communication skills, with a focus on on-line marketing, design, branding and website development. In order to be able to improve the participants’ knowledge in these specific topics, three experts have been invited who held very intense workshop on developing these skills:

Based on the feedbacks, the training was useful for all the participants: although most of them had previous experience in all the topics discussed in the frame of the event, there have been a lot of information that have not been heard so far while these can be definitely useful to support businesses and business ideas, as well as the general thinking about websites and presence on social media has been completely changed.