TRENTO (Trentino) Pilot

Engaging citizens in the development of innovative government process/services in the urban area

Thematic field: GOVE - Government and public sector


  • The Trento URBAN INNO pilot action will experiment the adoption of participative methods inside the Trento Urban area, ensuring a direct involvement of the citizens. The main innovation points experimented:
  • How to propagate social and urban social/governmental issues to the government in an innovative way (‘smart’) with both participative methods and specific supporting ICT tools and use social media.
  • Improve the administrative action involving citizens in a participatory and sustainable way in an Open Government scenario.
  • Systematize the information/data and experiences gathered in order to develop the participatory process on important data, maps, statistics and historical memories for the citizens themselves.
  • Improve results communication through use of data display techniques and storytelling.

Trento Pilot will also push citizen participation and empowerment with specific activities aimed to the adoption of ICT tools and digital services provided by the Public Administration, not only online services but also online citizen engagement services and social media.

The activity of the Trento pilot will be inserted in the overall wider Smart City Trento initiative that is involving all the Trentino innovation actors and innovation stakeholders.



  • The pilot will involve associations of citizens and cooperatives working interested in the adoption of participatory methods and digital inclusion coming from the District 11 or related with.
  • Polo Sociale S.Giuseppe-S.Chiara-Ravina-Romagnano – Youth Working Group (involving 7 different representatives of civil society).
  • More than 20 civil society representatives are involved in the Santa Chiara UrbanLab participatory action, planned in 2017.
  • Involvement of Schools (Students and Teachers) of at least 1 High School in the urban district.

    Further formal evidence during the execution the pilot actions that will be implemented over many months and with several different activities.


  • Citizens, NGO and Citizen Associations
  • Public Administrators and civil workers interested to improve the engagement of the citizen in the governance process and in the improvement of the usage of digital services
  • Local politicians interested to introduce participatory methods and citizens involvement in a structured and genuine way in the political life
  •   Association of SMEs (cooperation, handcrafters, commerce, industry) and SMEs interested to exploit the value of service offering and/or gather experience to use participatory methods and ICT technology to build specific solution for citizens



  • Santa Chiara Urban Center Area – Participatory process involving at least 23 Associations (participants in public call made end 2016) on the co-design of a cultural incubation space inside the ‘Ex-Lettere’ Building (part of the Santa Chiara Urban Center Area.
  • Youth Interactive Listening: interactive workshops and social media experimentation with associations and social cooperatives in the San Giuseppe - Santa Chiara Urban District, with the objective to develop urban innovation ideas for this target group.


  • Trentino (PAT, Municipalities) Online services campaign 2017/18 (citizen empowerment, training, communication)
  • PSI-reuse and crowd-mapping of urban information


  • Participatory Budget co-development (2018)


  • Co-design of sharing/sustainable smart service

Santa Chiara

Santa Chiara Open Lab


Start of Testing Participatory Methods – Listening to Youth 

S.Chiara Cultural Incubator Co-Design kick-off


Open Data Hackabot Trentino 2018  #ODHB2018