Transnational webinar on energy-efficient depots

17 December 2020

The Transnational Webinar titled “Innovations for energy-efficient public transport depots” took place on the 4 December 2020. Wolfgang Backhaus from Rupprecht Consult shortly welcomed the participants, followed by an introduction to the aims and objectives of the EfficenCE project by Marlene Damerau (ppt). The next presenters introduced several innovative solutions related to the efficient use of energy in public transport, focusing on the depots:

  • Marta Woronowicz from trolleybus operator PKT (Gdynia, Poland) talked about the Energy Management System (EMS) installed in the depot building in Gdynia (ppt), illustrated also by short films;
  • Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk from the University of Gdańsk gave a presentation about the energy efficiency solutions for depots (ppt);
  • Edwárd Czédli from Budapest public transport operator BKV (Hungary) introduced the e-bus operation and solar panel equipped bus storages in Budapest (ppt).
Photo: presentation of Edwárd Czédli (BKV)

Photo: presentation of Edwárd Czédli (BKV)

After a short break, the webinar continued with the following presentations:

  • Markus Rubner from Wiener Linien (Vienna, Austria) showed the participants how energy monitoring of tram and metro depots works in Vienna (ppt);
  • Lukas Peuckmann from Stadtwerke Münster (Germany) talked about how they work to decarbonize the whole bus system in Münster (ppt);
  • Robert Neumann from DAS Energy presented several photovoltaic innovations that can be used for energy-efficient depots (ppt), as they are on the roof of the Ottakring metro station in Vienna, a pilot of the EfficienCE project.
Photo: presentation of Robert Neumann (DAS Energy)

Photo: presentation of Robert Neumann (DAS Energy)

The whole webinar can be watched HERE.

Prior to the webinar, project partners gathered online to hold the third EfficienCE partner meeting. Unfortunately, the situation did not allow for an on-site visit due to COVID-19. However, Gdynia, as the responsible partner of the meeting, prepared a virtual tour of short films about the different parts of the depot in order to have a better insight about the real operation.

The first day started with a detailed introduction to the Gdynia trolleybus depot by PKT, focusing on the aforementioned videos and the Energy Management System. This was followed by the status presentations of the partners. The second day was dedicated to the discussion of the action plans.

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Background photo: Panorama photo about the Gdynia depot (PKT)