The latest Project Team Meetings 

The 7th Project Coordination Team meeting

Over the last few months, the project partners gathered twice, for the 7th and 8th Project Coordination Team meetings. Both were opportunities to review what has been achieved so far in this project and what needs to be done before the end of the project, next June. 

The 7th Project Coordination Team meeting

The 7th Project Coordination Team meeting took place in Zagreb, Croatia, on the 28th and 29th of November and was organized by ACT-Grupa. The goal of this meeting was to discuss the progresses of the project, the next steps and, more specifically, to set the stage for the last phase of the project. During the meeting, the project partners talked about the options they have to improve the project platform - which will allow WISEs managers to access to lessons and tools to improve their digital and managerial skills - through small group discussions. They also discussed about ways to raise awareness of local and regional authorities about improving digital and managerial skills in Work Integration Social Enterprises through a fishbowl conversation.


All the partners made a presentation of the events they organized during the last months: face-to-face trainings and platform testing with WISEs (you can find the summary of those events here). They took some important decisions about the platform such as the need to translate it in German - in order to widen the project audience - and the development of a Case Study section. The project partners also decided to make a last check of all the tools that will be presented on the platform to ensure it will be smooth-running once the platform is online. The testing phase of the platform and the MOOC will continue in the next weeks and the goal is to go public in April.

During this meeting, the project partners also decided to organize a second Masterclass in 2020 in Vienna, Austria, so that a wider number of WISEs will be able to benefit from the project! 

7th Team Meeting

In parallel to this meeting, the first Masterclass of the project, on Design Thinking, was held. You can read about the ins and outs of this event here.

In addition, an external evaluator, prof. Andrea Karpati from the University of Budapest, joined the meeting during the two days. 

8th Project Coordination Team meeting

The 8th Project Coordination Team meeting 

The 8th Project Coordination Team Meeting took place in Poznan, Poland, on the 20th and 21st of January and was hosted by Barka Foundation. The meeting was held in the continuity of the Zagreb meeting and the project partners aimed to move forward on specific issues.

Project indicators

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to count the thematic and communication results indicators, as the project is approaching its final stage. Beside the need for some clarifications, the project partners had to agree on some procedures in order to facilitate the evaluation of their actions and the achieved results in the project.

Partners also discussed event organisations which are supposed to take place in the next few months and most notably, the organization of more trainings for WISEs in their networks, it is very important, for the partners to train the maximum of people in the framework of the project. Some partners also decided to organise regional final events to present the results of the project as well as the project platform. For example, there will be a second round of training in Poland, Italy (Lombardia and Trentino) and maybe in Slovenia as well as a second masterclass in Vienna! 

Steering committee

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee met afterwards to discuss about the platform, its sustainability and the intellectual property rights to prepare its future. The good news is that there is an agreement among partners about the need to maintain the platform after the end of the project! Now that everybody agrees on it, the interested partners will need to finalise their strategy, to divide the roles among them and to work on the financial aspects of it.

Towards the end of the project

The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the last steps of the project. The main topic of discussion was the final event, which will take place in Milano next June. Project partners defined the target groups for the event and its overall goal. The aim is to keep the event open to a maximum of people so they can benefit of the achieved results and be aware of the possibilities the project developed. Most of the partners are interested in organizing also local final events in their country on top of the big final event in Milan. They will nonetheless invite WISEs and local institutions to join them in Italy. ENSIE will also organize an event during its General Assembly in May in Croatia.

The project partners also talked about the last activities they need to prepare, their timeline as well as the last improvements to be made on the platform. One of those is the development of Case Studies, as decided in Zagreb, in which the partners can point out WISEs that were successful in their digitalization process/transition and show the way they achieved this.

The programme for the next few months is already full and exciting! There will be a Masterclass and a final event in Milan in June as well as multiple events in all project participating regions!