Transfarm 4.0 kicks off

Transfarm 4.0 is a Central Europe Initiative for Precision Agriculture

Ten partners from 5 European countries (Austria, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Slovenia) gathered for the first time on 4-5 June 2019 in Conegliano, in the heart of the Prosecco region in Veneto, to kick-start the Transfarm 4.0 project. Transfarm 4.0 is a three years initiative, the objective of which is to promote the uptake of precision agriculture in farming in Central European countries and the overall improvement of innovation value chains between technology providers and users.

The project intends to address the issue of technology transfer towards farming businesses in Central European regions characterised by different degrees of technology intensity in their agricultural practices. To do so, six experimental pilots will be launched in the course of the project, focusing on the ISOBUS communication protocol, sensing technologies and the use of big data to improve decision making in agriculture. Experimental activities will start in 2020.

Coherently with the logic of the Central Europe programme, Transfarm 4.0 aims at reinforcing cross border cooperation and sharing of knowledge in the participating regions and possibly in other Central European countries not directly involved in the action.

The project is co-ordinated by CREA (Research Council for Agriculture) in Conegliano. 

Transfarm 4.0 kick-off meeting