Pilot Action ISOBUS Seedbed control

Soil roughness is a key factor to take into account during seedbed preparation.

On the one hand, a fine seedbed is needed for good plant emergence. On the other hand, a rough soil prevents soil erosion and can be prepared in a more energy-efficient way.

The control system based on an ISOBUS Class III application controls the tractor based on the measured soil roughness in real time. The pilot action led by our partner, HBLFA Francisco Josephinum focuses on testing the system, finding weaknesses and areas for improvement, and defining the integration in the process flow at seeding.

Following main task are part of this pilot action:

  • Investigate relationship between the tillage machine, driving speed and seed emergence.
  • Operation with ISOBUS Class3 tractors in combination with a seed drill.
  • Investigate limitations and possibilities of new ISOBUS Class3 Tractor Implement Management (TIM) applications.

Pilot Action ISOBUS seedbed control