Climate Change and Agriculture in Poland - Transfarm4.0 meets the Agricultural University of Kraków

Second Transfarm4.0 interview is out!

Making changes is not easy.

We met three experts working at the Technology Transfer Center of the University of Agriculture in Krakow (CTT UR) aiming to commercialize the results of scientific research and R&D works and development, with a particular focus on technology transfer from science to business.

The Technology Transfer Centre of the University of Agriculture in Krakow seeks contacts with companies interested in development through cooperation with the University of Agriculture.

Two main challenges for the agriculture industry emerged from this short interview: raising awareness among farmers and designing sustainable business models which are also profitable for the farmers. We can successfully mitigate the negative impact of agriculture on the environment only if we address these two basic issues.

Interview 2

Who were our guests?

JERZY PRÓCHNICKI: PhD in crop protection and fertilization; co-founder of the Polish Association for Plant Protection and co-founder and Board Member of the Polish Sustainable Agriculture Association.

TOMASZ CZECH: Director of Technology Transfer Center at University of Agriculture in Krakow. 

WOJCIECH PRZYWAŁA: Commercialization Specialist - Technology Broker at the Innovation Center of  the University of Agriculture in Kraków.