Transfarm4.0 - Project Leaflet

Transfarm4.0 pays much attention to dissemination through different communication channels. The Twitter account and LinkedIn page are really active and help build an informed precision farming community. Now, a project leaflet has been prepared as a further channel of dissemination. It has been designed in English and then translated in the other five languages spoken within the consortium, i.e. German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Slovenian.

The leaflet has been kept simple with the minimal amount of information to allow a broader audience understands the few concepts presented. It gives an abstract view on the main question the technologies and the expect outcomes of the project.

Leaflet brochure transfarm4.0 transfarm partners side a sidea english eng
Leaflet Brochure Transfarm4.0 transfarm partners english eng sideb side b

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