Agriculture requires innovations to increase production yields in terms of quantity and quality, but also to increase efficiency in resource management. It is necessary to reduce environmental impact and production costs, in a context of climate change and market globalization.
Precision farming is gaining a crucial role in helping farmers run their businesses in a way that is productive and sustainable. Although the Central European area is the core of EU manufacturing, precision farming has not been high in the agenda and focus of smart specialization in our regions.

The project Transfarm 4.0 aims at increasing the direct participation of farmers in the precision farming sector and boosting the competitiveness of the European precision farming advanced manufacturing supply chains.

Transfarm 4.0 will scout new demand-driven precision farming solutions to meet the needs of the farmers. Within the project, companies, clusters, research institutions and farmers will interact to bring new technological solutions to the market. 

transfarm 4.0 final event

Transfarm 4.0 has come to an end and what better way to say goodbye than inviting researchers, farmers, companies to the project final event in Susegana, one of the towns dotted across the breathtaking, vineyard-covered landscape of the rolling Conegliano and Valdobbiadene Prosecco Hills. The event took place on 16 June 2022 at the CREA Experimental and Conference Centre in Susegana, a municipality in the Province of Treviso. If you missed you can still watch the recording on the YouTube Channel of FederUnacoma.

Final Event | Agenda.pdf

one-stop shop

Precision farming 4.0

Find sellers, manufacturers and service providers of precision farming technologies from all over Central Europe.

Exploring the future

Precision farm is a space that will collect insights and ideas from the primary sector to explore the new boundaries of precision agriculture.


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final event

Transfarm4.0 is delighted to invite you to its final event in Susegana, Italy on 16 June 2022! As the project is coming to an end this year, we want to celebrate its legacy together with all of you! Click HERE to discover the agenda!


pilot action 3

FIWARE in the vineyard

LCM has equipped a vineyard in Tata, Hungary, with a sensor and data logging system. This system is measuring more than 100 vegetation and climate-related parameters. The data resulting from the 32 sensors are acquired via the FIWARE-plattform and sent to a FIWARE data lake. Learn more

data vegetation period

21 october 2021

Transfarm 4.0 Conference in Bologna

The event is free of charge! To register, click HERE.

Transfarm 4.0 is organizing a side-line event on Precision Agriculture at @EimaInt on 21 October 2021, at 10.30 CEST. Why don't you join us?

meeting the expert

data & farming.
3rd interview is out

This time we talked with Patrick Crehan, Director of Crehan, Kusano & Associates (CKA). He argues for the need to strategically think about the ways to address the challenges posed by the data revolution in agriculture. You can find the entire interview on our YouTube channel!

Meeting the expert

Second interview is out

In this brief interview, we met three experts working at the Technology Transfer Center of the University of Agriculture in Krakow. 
Read more about the challenges that farmers have to face to be sustainable in the near future and watch the video... 

Interview 2

pilot action 3

Field Trials in hungary 

"Sensor data acquisition for precision viticulture in a Fiware data lake” is the Pilot Action 3 in Transfarm 4.0.

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Linz Center of Mechatronics started the field trials to evaluate vineyard microclimate and plant physiology. View more...

sensor grapevine

30 march 2021

youtube live stream event

Transfarm 4.0 goes live with an online event dedicated to the innovation within agriculture, with the focus on the role of the Clusters in the innovation actions, current R&D development activities and about transfer of the newest research results into the farming technologies. Read more...

Pilot action 2

minimize chemical use

Transfarm4.0 is developing a system reacting to the properties of the tree canopies. 

Watch our video to get more insights from dr. Jurij Rakun (University of Maribor) and dr. Peter Lepej ( cluster).

sensor infrared light view grapevine


Transfarm4.0 on Leitbetriebe Austria

The Linz Centre of Mechatronics has been reported for its contribution to Transfarm 4.0. Leitbetriebe Austria is an independent economic network that distinguishes and connects exemplary Austrian companies.

Grapes Wineyard

Pilot Action 1

SEEDBED control

Out Pilot Action in seedbed control has been set and is going ahead.

Our HBLFA Francisco Josephinum is carrying out field trials in Austria.

Find out more here



11 exciting visits to different Precision Farming companies and start-ups: that’s the main figure resulting from Transfarm4.0’s study tour to Israel, where our team has learnt interesting aspects and features of local agriculture.



Transfarm 4.0 pays much attention to dissemination through different communication channels. The Twitter account and LinkedIn page are really active and help build an informed precision farming community. Now, a project leaflet has been prepared as a further channel of dissemination. It has been designed in English and then translated in the other five languages spoken within the consortium, i.e. German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Slovenian.


Project Partners

Transfarm 4.0's family is made up of 10 partners from 5 central European countries.


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Start Date

1. 4. 2019

End Date

30. 6. 2022