About our trainings

WPT 1: Development of a transnational knowledge base on the applicability of MAR in Central Europe.

 Trainings for relevant stakeholders involved in Cross-Sectoral Stakeholders Group (CSSG) held at national level in national languages:

  •  MAR principles and collection of good practices and benchmark analysis (D.T1.3.2.) The training was focused on explanation of MAR principles, the conditions for their implementation, best practice examples in Europe and national case studies. The content originated from the report dealing with collection of good practices and benchmark analysis of the existing MAR projects in Central Europe.
  •  Toolbox, selection criteria and checklist for MAR location (D.T1.3.3.) The training provided information on toolbox helping in decision making process to select the sites which are appropriate for the location of MAR schemes in Central Europe. Within the assessment process summarized in toolbox, the general and specific criteria are considered, e.g. geological and hydrological conditions; climatic models and scenarios; and MAR schemes sensitivity to climate extremes.
  • Pilot feasibility studies to prepare policy recommendations (D.T1.3.4.) Within the project implementation, 4 pilot sites were selected in order to apply MAR methodologies developed in project. The training will present the selection process of the specific pilot sites through the toolbox, related checklists and selection criteria for carrying out the feasibility studies based on common methodology (specific guidelines for assessing water supply and demand, guidelines for risk management and technical solutions, guidelines for cost-benefit analysis, regulatory and legal framework). Based on results of feasibility studies, policy recommendations for incorporation of MAR solutions into water management will be prepared.


The last 3rd training sessions will take place in summer 2021. We invite you to follow the project  news!