Top-quality medicine and state-of-the-art technologies in Austrian hospital “Krankenhaus Nord” 

Pinkafeld, 4. April 2019

The digitalLIFE4CE delegation, consisting of University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and Pannon Business Network Association, made a study visit to the new hospital “Krankenhaus Nord” in Vienna, Austria on 29. March 2019. The hospital is currently in the final test stage. The first patients will get treatments in June 2019. The hospital offers around 800 hospital beds. Each bed has an interactive patient infotainment device with access to the internet, which enables surfing through the web, watching movies, playing games and searching for information. 

digitalLIFE4CE delegation at Krankenhaus Nord

Photo: digitalLIFE4CE delegation

Behind the scenes of the innovative hospital

Laboratory samples are exchanged via a novel pneumatic delivery system. They are sent to the laboratory with lots of pneumatic tubes, where they are automatically accepted analyzed. About 100 pneumatic tube shipping sleeves with 400 samples per hour can be picked up and processed. This system keeps the time between the taking of the samples and the laboratory findings as short as possible. 

Photo: Pneumatic post-system

Photo: Pneumatic post-system

Around 40 robotics are used in the underground and driverless transport system, which supplies the wards, for example with laundry, food and medicines. The robot-vehicles are controlled by W-LAN and carry out about 500 journeys per day. 

Photo: Driverless transport system

Photo: Driverless transport system

The park area including therapy garden was developed together with specialists. In the future, patients should do outdoor therapies and have the opportunity as well as all visitors to relax and enjoy the time.

Hospital Park

In particular the architecture and the technical equipment are trendsetting and state-of-the-art. The operating rooms and the specific wards are equipped with high-modern devices and equipment. The visit of the innovative hospital allows to catch a glimpse of the future in healthcare. 

Patient Room

by Alexandra Weghofer