The official opening of the Solar E-Tree in the Municipality of Puconci, Pomurje region, Slovenia 

On Friday, October 12, 2018, in the framework of the RURES project, the director of the Local Energy Agency Pomurje, Bojan Vogrinčič, officially handed over in management the Solar E-Tree to the mayor of the Municipality of Puconci, Ludvik Novak. The event was organized on the occasion of the holiday of the Municipality of Puconci. 


The gathered visitors were firstly welcomed and addresses by the mayor of Puconci at the newly installed Solar E-Tree at the Elementary School Puconci. In the continuation of the event, a few more words about the implemented energy project were presented to the gathered visitors by LEA Pomurje, Slovenian project partner.

The Solar E-Tree pilot investment consists of three components: Solar E-tree with four photovoltaic panels, a smart-designed solar bench for charging electronic devices, and a smart bench with shadow and six photovoltaic panels, featuring LED illumination and a seating and relaxing area options for charging e-devices.


The event was also attended by the media, to whom expert assistant Jasmina Perkič from LEA Pomurje presented the RURES project and the concept of a pilot investment. You can view the statement on link below:

TV Idea:

About the Solar "E-TREE":

Solar energy is the best option when we looking for non-conventional energy source. Because it is very easy to trapped the solar radiations and convert it into electrical energy by using Photovoltaic (PV) cells. Now, it is also necessary to think about the environment by reducing pollution. So solar energy is the best option when we consider all the above mention parameters. The only problem occurs when we use solar energy is that a large space is required for an installation of big solar panels for higher outputs so it can be solved by this new product known as “Solar E-Tree”.


As for risk we can say that at the moment there is a poor availability of contractors, but this will probably change in the future. There a few strengths that are considered as strong points which influence the interest of stakeholders in the investment of the Solar E-tree. Some of them are; exploiting solar energy does not pollute the environment, production and consumption are in the same place, PVs anables the supply of electricity to remote areas and remote devices, in case of Solar tree for street lightning, power outages have no impact, people in poor countries would have access to electricity and also installation of Solar tree requires less land than typical solar plant. Solar tree is an example of good practice to local and regional authorities both in rural and urban area and is an example to citizens how energy refurbishment results not only in energy and financial savings but also in better quality of space usage. As for main weakness there are high investment costs.    

With E-Tree we want to encourage new ways of for RES production through combining relaxing and energy solutions to raise awareness to EE and RES for further implementation of EEP actions. 

Solar Tree is a metal structure that looks like a real tree with branches at the top of which are solar panels. These solar panel collect solar energy and transfer it to electricity which can be used for batteries charging of mobile phones, tablets and portable computers. Also, collected electricity can be used as a power for info panels and lighting. 


The goals of Solar Tree project can be also: Uplifting the public opinion of citizens for renewable and sustainable resources of energy, enable free access of energy for charging of mobile and portable lap top devices, when placed at locations were free wireless internet is available they can additionally contribute to better representing for tourists and citizens, several interactive info panels should provide information about important city locations, phone numbers, institutions and addresses which could be accessed by everyone, also the goal is to promote schools, universities and technical science in general, regarding to the fact that young people are not so interested in studying of technical science.