The local event for ICH desk presentation in Verona, Italy

On 18 September, 2019 our Lead partner prepared the event where the main subject was: presentation of the ICH projects and lCH local Desk. The event took place in the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, Italy. 


In the occasion of the establishment of the ICH desk, as part of the ARTISTIC Project, a presentation of 12 potential projects has been carried out using the pitch session methodology. The meeting was attended by 28 persons: cultural operators, mediators, entrepreneurs and private citizens. 


The meeting was opened by presenting the role of t2i in delivering innovation and fostering new start up initiatives and by  presentation of the aim of the day. Later, the Project Manager, presented he objectives of the ARTISTIC project and presented the ARTISTIC ICH desk for the enhancement of intangible cultural capital, realised in collaboration with  Veneto Region. 


It was told that the desk for the enhancement of intangible cultural capital is a system composed of diverse professionals, valorising tools & services, designed and managed by project partners. Professionals involved in the Desk are supposed to be technicians, experts and consultants in the artistic, cultural, territorial promotion sector, public bodies, members of company associations, representatives of local development bodies and, in general, experts who intend to present themselves as facilitators in their territorial area. 


After that, Our Lead Partner explained the role of two main Project Partners. Among others, it was mentioned that these partners will be responsible for:

- creation and management of a permanent trend analysis and dedicated meetings on the development of initiatives aimed at safeguarding and developing intangible cultural capital;

- activation of local regional networks;

-technical-political consulting in the choices of the Regional Administration;

- definition of the main strategies for stakeholders;

- information on business start-up issues;

- assistance in the implementation of the Business Plan;

- connection with the networks of the Banking System, Business Angels and Crowdfunding;

- possibility of incubation and acceleration at the t2i Certificated Incubator;

- continuous assistance, follow-up and ongoing monitoring, etc...


The second part of the Agenda was dedicated to the ICH ideas presentation with the pitch methodology. Each project presentation took about 15 minutes.