Insitute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar at The Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 

10.09.2018 - 11.09.2018 - Glasgow, Scotland


The Insitute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (IPI) attended the Social Enterprise World Forum 2018 in Glasgow (UK). During this conference, two members of IPI presented the paper they wrote, a scientific publication used to reach education entities and operational entities. IPI submitted the abstract of their research paper and they were accepted.

The Social Enterprise World Forum – Academic Symposium took place on 10th and 11th September 2018 at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). This research/academic event was organised within the Social Enterprise World Forum 2018. For both practioners and scholars, it was one of the most significant conferences in the field of social entrepreneurship in 2018. Prior to their presentation, many attendees of the Forum had not been aware that the INNO-WISEs project exists. Hence, it has helped a lot the visibility of the project and its content.

IPI delivered a presentation on managerial practices of WISEs in Croatia. They presented the results of the qualitative research conducted within the project. More than 10 local and more than 10 regional public authorities attended this event. More than 10 interest groups including NGOs and between 50 and 100 higher education and research entities were also present. In addition, more than 10 SME and more than 10 business support organisation took part in this World Forum.