The East Elbia Farmers Market

On September 30, 2000, the first event took place  and, on May 15, 2019, there was already the 98th edition: The East Elbian farmers market Pülswerda is a success story, as proven by the more than 120,000 visitors so far. The market in Pülswerda (municipality of Arzberg / district of Northern Saxony) offers fresh direct marketing products from land and all kinds of goods for home, farm and garden. In addition, there is gastronomy, conviviality and entertainment in front of the historical backdrop of Schloss Pülswerda and the idyllic location on the Elbe dike - this attracted almost 1,000 visitors.


The Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Rural East Elbia in the district of Northern Saxony e. V. is the organizer and sponsor of the event, to which around 30 direct marketers from (northern) Saxony and the neighboring regions offer their own fresh produces.


Enjoyment from here, culinary from the countryside - this concern is the program of our market. That's why we always contribute to strengthening regional products and the brand of Eastern Elbia with our event. Add to that the presentation of craft techniques and historical trades.


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