Testing ready to launch in five INTENT pilot sites

In the second half of February 2020, project INTENT will launch pilot testing of a set of qualitative indicators to monitor and benchmark the patient centred care in four countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia) and five pilot sites across Central Europe.

The questionnaires will be administered to 5 target groups: patients, expert patients, managers, nurses and medical doctors. The questionnaires are based on previous research and encompass six main axes to perform a situational analysis of health centres:

- Patient centred culture

- Information, communication, education

- Accessibility and continuity of care

- Shared decision making and Multidisciplinary approach

- Enhancing quality of life

- Research and Innovation

The results of the questionnaire will further our efforts to develop and pilot an innovative model of cancer care to improve patient centeredness, as it is INTENT project central aim to increase the participation of patients and include patients’ voices in the organization of the hospitals.

In the following months, a web based benchmarking tool will be available at our webpage, enabling other Health Centres to compare their level of patient centeredness to other institutions and to identify possible point of improvement.