Eastern Elbia is rich in biotopes - especially historical parks shape the landscape along the Elbe meadows. One of the regional showpiece parks is located in Triestewitz. The grounds, which were renovated in line with landscape design specifications in a highly sustainable manner in 2005/2006, are not only valuable in light of the existence of the Heldbock and the Torgau Flatterulme, but also because of an entertainment aspect in the park ambience that makes the biotope unique. Guided tours, bird call hikes and special cultural offers ensure a special flair. The park evenings, always on the first Friday of September, have been a tradition since 2008: “Fairytale under the oak tree” attracts up to 200 visitors to the park. Here, the fairy tale fairy Lia, from Dornreichenbach outdoor stage creates a different well-known fairy tale classic in a green environment. What makes it so special: it’s
a hands-on game for children. They dress up in costumes and play the roles that the fairy tale fairy specifies and moderates. Little kings, witches, dwarves, and giants bring the fairy tales to life - admired and applauded by the guests. The old oak tree makes this venue unique and iconic. After the performance, which lasts about one hour, and after having enjoyed subsequent club cakes and other treats, a lantern procession through the park, which is accompanied by music, begins at dusk - a truly wonderful experience for both young and old.

The information and photos included in this article were taken from the brochure "EAST ELBIA - INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE" prepared by b&s consulting and training for the rural area GmbH, as part of the "ARTISTIC" project.