The need to strengthen the cooperation between cultural operators, citizens and financial operators, as well as willingness to increase understanding of the role of Intangible Cultural Heritage valorisation process as a driver to preserve the intangible cultural heritage through the business activity based on tradition, became an inspiration to create tools and services designed to support sustainability of the cultural immaterial projects.

Toolset created in the frame of the ARTISTIC project covers four thematic areas:

  • tool for the identification of local ICH (to provide citizens cooperatives and association of all necessary instruments to identify new initiatives on ICH);
  • tool for legal protection of ICH (to assist cultural operators and entrepreneurs with the Intellectual Property Rights instruments covering in particular subject of: copyright, trademark, design and brand, geographical indication issues, confidentiality of trade secrets, data protection);
  • tools for improving communication skills of ICH actors (to improve communication skills of the local actors in order to attract investors, promote their projects and potentials);
  • tools for development and financial support and investments for ICH projects (developed to increase the knowledge of private investors about the cultural sector and its marketing potential).

The designed tools and services are currently tested in 8 regions of Central Europe during the pilot testing through ICH desks activities.

You can find more information about our Toolset on our ARTISTIC website in the section "Publications & Deliverables".